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Cette petite veste est parfaite. Une coupe magnifique et un tissu très doux. Parfaite pour le printemps et l’automne. Je suis ravie de mon achat.

Work Boots
Sarah B.
Didn’t even last a year

I bought these (in black) last year around November. I only wear them office days. The heel came off the left shoe a few weeks ago and the inside of the boots are basically shredded. I’m committed to being plant based but before when I had Doc Martens those shoes lasted five years in a café environment where I was walking/running around in them 6-10 hours a day! The whole point in spending more up front for your shoes and clothes are to reduce waste by having items that last and someone had told me this brand was a “buy it for life” quality, but that wasn’t my experience at all.

Footbed Sandals
crystal (United States)
so good

i sized down from my trad WVS, for some reason their footbed sandals run large.
They are comfy and chic, again such a solid buy. I can totally tell they are way more chic than the brand they resemble. For real, this is the only shoe brand I buy. I live in CA, USA and its worth the shipping time.

WVSport Waterproof Hiking Boots
Lenka S. (United Kingdom)
Best hiking boots I've ever owned

I can't recommend these boots enough. I am now on my second pair because I love them so much. My partner has them too. Four of my friends have bought them on my recommendation and all of us couldn't be happier. These are without a doubt the best waterproof hiking shoes I've ever owned. They are comfortable and supporting too and I simply can't rate them enough.

Vegan Suede Sneakers
Tony (Croatia)
Improvements please

In general, I'm satisfied with sneakers bought, but I would like to see improvements on collar lining, especially on heel part, because after the first wear very thin brim rubbed me and caused painful blisters. So, this is prerequisite for possible future purchase.

Low Rig Stiefel
Kevin B. (Germany)
The Gremlins of boots

Do not let them get wet on the inside!
The boots are very comfortable. I was even able to fit in my supporting insoles.
I was super happy about my new boots for about 2 weeks. Then I got into some really heavy rain on a walk and had to conquer some huge puddles. At first everything was fine, but somewhere down the line the water finally found it's way to the inside and since then the shoes smell like cat pi*s!
I let them air dry, but that didn’t make it better. Washed the inside with some water/vinegar mix - no change. Sprayed the inside with anti bacterial spray - still not good enough to put them in the hall. I finally had to throw them away because they couldn’t be safer.
I think it has something to do with inner lining, which is some kind of suede. Because my workboots from will‘s do not have that same problem, even after several years of wearing.

Dock Boots
Paul (United Kingdom)
Fantastic boots, highly recommended

Superb build quality and materials, comfortable, light enough to wear all day too (I wear mine to work). The only change I'd make (to these and all footwear) would be the option to remove the insoles (or order them without them), so my orthotic ones more easily fit (I have a disability), but I can still squeeze them in just about ok. Very happy to finally find some vegan boots that are hardy and well made!

Chukka Boots
Omri S. (Israel)

Chukka Boots

Dock Boots
Zakariah M. (Australia)

love them - awesome quality

WVSport Waterproof Hiking Boots
Miranda C. (United Kingdom)

WVSport Waterproof Hiking Boots

Rio Trainers
Jenna B.
Not super durable

I was really excited about these trainers as I have tried a similar pair from this brand before. However, I was a bit disappointed that after only a week or two the inner lining was already significantly worn down. The trainers also took longer than expected to break in and sometimes hurt my feet. For the price I was expecting more. Otherwise I love the ethics and the style!

Biker Jacket
Davis (United States)
Wife loves it!

Got it as a gift for my wife! She absolutely loves it! Wanted a vegan leather jacket and this is exactly what she was hoping for.

Point Flats
Annie H. (United Kingdom)
Fit perfectly

I've never found a pair of heels that I can put on and wear without any discomfort until now. They fit perfectly and no rubbing/blistering. They are a dream

Dock Boots
Josh M. (United States)
Really great boots

These are soft, flexible, comfortable and really durable too! So far they have held up well to daily use in the shop and on stages and even repel paint stains pretty well (I’m sure mileage may vary in that dept). Oh also they’re grey! Even if they’re a bit saw-dusty in the photo.

Chicago Low-Tops
A.K. (Germany)
Pretty, but not super comfortable

I really like the way they look, but unfortunately I have blisters from wearing them

WVSport Waterproof Hiking Boots
Olivia &.F. (The Netherlands)
WVSport Waterproof Hiking Boots

WVSport Waterproof Hiking Boots are "Super boots"!! These boots keep your feet warm and dry.
They feel amazing on your feet, the foot support is perfect, and they give you a firm grip to surfaces.
I have a pair of the WVSport Waterproof Hiking Shoes too, these are just as super, in grip, comfort and dry warm feet, so not sweaty or clammy feet.
And the best part is: they are animal-friendly! I would definitely recommend.

Single Strap Footbed Sandals
Hetali L. (United States)
Love my Will's

This is maybe my 6th or 7th pair of Will's. I was a little worried that she's shoes would "slap" a lot when I walked because they don't have a back strap, but they've been great.

Smarte Derbys
M.A. (Germany)

Amazing shoes. Surprisingly comfy and overall perfect. It would be great to have a version in a dark brown. Because brown is the new black.

Oxford Brogues
Lora D. (United States)

Oxford Brogues

Oxford Brogues
Agathe (France)
I love them !

Comfy and smart, perfect

The Derby
Jennifer (United States)
Great Shoe

A stylish shoe that goes with a lot. I've primarily worn it for work, but I can definitely see how it could be styled for everyday wear as well. It did take a few wears to break them in, and until that happened I had some nasty blisters, but now they're comfortable and fit perfectly. Runs true to size. Would recommend.

City Derbys
Mícheál Ó. (Australia)
Unlucky but great customer service

These are very nice shoes, more true to size than my previous pair of Will's continental brogues which lasted for years. Slightly less comfortable than the brogues but good shoes for the office.

I was unlucky as my sole started separating after less than 5 months but Will's were fantastic about sorting this out.

Honestly the best after sales service there is.

NY Sneakers
Wendy M.
Hard wearing travel shoes

I have been a long time customer of WVS & had these deceivers to my son in London rather than NZ ready to use for travelling. From day one they were perfect initially slight rubbing as my feet a bit swollen from travel but nothing a Band-Aid couldn’t fix. I have worn nearly every day for last 3 weeks including a bit of ‘off road’ - really happy. Easy to clean and I expect a few years of use . Stylish enough for walking around cities and practical enough for other places.

Goodyear Welt Derbys
Jesse C. (United States)
Great shoes

All of their shoes are amazing.

WVSport Wasserdichte Wanderstiefel
Franziska T. (Germany)
Ohne Einlaufen sehr bequem & gute Qualität !

Sehr gute Schuhe
Robust , bequem , Qualitativ
Und dazu noch schönes Design
Und vor allem - Vegan !!! Mega gut! Das ist nicht so einfach zu finden .